It’s Not Just a logo

This topic’s really close to our hearts because, in recent years, a logo has almost become a disposable piece of material.

We can’t even count the times we’ve heard: ‘I just need a logo’. This has become a pet peeve because a logo is not just an identifying mark: it becomes the face of a brand.

Would you ever go to a plastic surgeon and say: ‘I just need a new face’? No, you would take the time to figure out what would enhance your facial features and general appearance. The same goes for a logo. We can’t stress how important it is to spend the proper amount of time going through due process to get it right.

Designing a logo should take all branding activities into account because, in the end, a logo will serve as a visual reminder to consumers of the experience they had with a brand.

To clarify, a brand is a collective perception a consumer has of a company. This includes websites, advertising material, packaging, stationery etc.

Having said that, you can see how important a logo is. Over the years we’ve seen many occasions where a logo inhibited branding activities purely because of its limitations. It’s because of these experiences that we believe that choosing from three concepts and being on your way is a waste of time. At some point, every company grows and expands its horizons as far as branding’s concerned and if a logo was not created with this growth in mind, nine times out of ten the company’s forced back to the drawing board, costing more time and money.

Yes, you can have a logo designed for next to nothing, but consider what this will cost in the long run. It’s the same as any purchase: you get what you pay for.