Marketing strategy vs campaign strategy

First off, it’s okay to not know the difference. Let’s start with defining a marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is basically your business’s plan to create new leads and so, grow your business.

For this strategy, you’ll need to consider who your clients/customers are, what your exact services are and how you would communicate this to potential leads. For instance, if you’re specifically a dog groomer, you wouldn’t want to advertise to the cat owners. That would be a waste of your time.

Your marketing strategy also revolves around the goals of your business. Do you aim to open another branch this year? Or do you plan to open ten? Will you be offering new services to do this? In this case, if a dog groomer becomes a general pet groomer, those cat owners become way more valuable. 

Generally, your marketing strategy will be developed by your marketing manager with an annual budget and goals that need to be achieved for that fiscal year.

A campaign strategy aims to create awareness and usually focuses on achieving one of the goals set out in the over-arching marketing stragtegy.

So, let’s look at our groomers again. Imagine they’ve recently appointed a Parisian groomer, skilled in the trendiest poodle hairstyles and they want to communicate this to their relevant customers. 

Naturally, you’d know aiming this campaign at bulldog or chihuahua owners would be absolutely useless. Similarly, you’d know that simply announcing this on their website might not do the trick. In steps the campaign strategy – how should they communicate? Through Facebook? Through posters at vets? Through a partnership with a fancy pet food? Maybe all three? 

We work with your marketing department to make sure that we get the message to the right people using the right channels.