Briefing an agency

We can’t express enough how important a proper, concise and clear brief is. You don’t just have to believe us; the IPA has outlined three main reasons why you should be spending time on a good brief.

Firstly, it’ll inevitably lead to better work as the agency knows exactly what you’re looking for and which goals you want to achieve.

Secondly, because you’ve made your goals and direction clear, there should be less changes. This’ll definitely save you (and naturally, the agency too) time in the long run as well as saving you money.

Without the client brief, the agency cannot create the creative brief (which is given to the writers and designers – you’ll sign off on it first, of course). We suggest a written brief, as there’s little chance for anything you want getting lost in translation.

So, what needs to go into your client brief? Well, as we’ve said before, it’s extremely important that we know what you want to achieve through your communication. We also need to know exactly what you want to do (for instance, you might want a 30-second YouTube advert explaining the benefits of a new product that you can run across other channels easily … the agency won’t magically sniff out this information if you just say “I want a YouTube advert”). 

We also need to know who your target audience is, including information like demographics, attitude, lifestyle, current engagement and anything else you might want us to know.

Now, at first, this might seem a little overwhelming. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you read over your first draft and make sure all the information is as concise and as clear as possible. In short … your brief needs to be brief. No more than two pages to be precise.

Another tip is to make sure there’s no jargon in your brief. We want to keep any confusion to a minimum.

If you feel like there’s other relevant information you’d like to send (documents, brochures and so on), please attach it separately. Usually, we love some more information on a task you’d like us to do – as long as it’s applicable.