Brand consistency: what’s the big deal?

You may have heard a few marketers say that ‘consistency is key’ when it comes to your brand … but why’s it such a big deal?

Surely, your well-crafted logo and super catchy slogan are enough? Sorry, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but in today’s social media drenched society, you need more than that. You need brand consistency.

Imagine your precisely picked logo. Now, imagine it pixelated. Imagine it squashed up. Imagine it stretched out. Imagine it’s in entirely the wrong colour.

A simple solution to this is creating a brand guideline: this tells your staff and others how to implement your brand in different projects, so, your voice doesn’t get distorted in the process. But of course, your purely visual brand’s not enough. Your brand’s your business’s identity, and just like you, it’s not only the outside that counts.

Your brand needs to be consistent with your vision and mission, and all of this needs to trickle down through your staff. If your brand is all about “service delivered with a smile” and Susie answers your client’s call with a sharp “what?!” … well, that’s not really consistent with your brand, is it?

But why do you need this consistency to keep and create customers or clients? To put it simply, brand consistency generates trust and loyalty. This is actually linked to psychology and our context-dependent memory.

Imagine you’re craving something sweet and extremely fizzy. Your immediate reaction might be “Hm, I’d really like a Coke”, not “Hm, I’d like to have something like Coke. Let me try this random brand I’ve never heard of.”

This is because Coca-Cola has infiltrated our minds as one of the only beverages of its colour and taste. Your local grocery brand doesn’t taste as good to you as a good ol’ Coke does, probably because you’re just used to its taste. That doesn’t mean the other brands aren’t as good, you’re just more aware of Coca-Cola and their fizzy offering.

Brand awareness is built through brand consistency. If we asked you to think of a Coca-Cola tin right now, you’d see it, because you’ve probably seen the evolving iconic design since you were born.

That’s what your brand needs to be to people – and you get that by keeping your brand consistent.