Chances are that you have seen us use this hashtag and you must be wondering… WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Well, simply put, it’s an ethos that we adopted to not only reinvent how we do things, we also realised that for our clients, taking a fresh approach once in a while does a world of good for a brand. Not only does it benefit our clients, but it also creates an amazing culture in our office.

Obviously, that would be the most ‘in a nutshell’ explanation and the meaning to us as a company runs deeper, but ultimately it drives our hunger for producing work that disrupts the status quo.

The book Purple Cow by Seth Godin, illustrates the concept of disruption very well; when all you’ve been seeing is dairy cows, a purple cow would draw your attention. The same can be said for business: every now and again, it’s good to change it up.

Having said that, we see brands evolving all the time, reacquainting themselves with the market and sparking interest in new and existing consumers. On a more personal level, would you like a friend to say the exact same thing to you every time you see them?

Of course not, it would irritate you and the same can be said for brands. We often liken brands to people. If we could personify a brand, what kind of person would it be? Would it be an interesting and intelligent person you would like to listen to or would it be that person we all try and avoid because they never stop finding ways to tell you the same thing in different ways?

We do understand that change can be scary, but without change, there can be no innovation.